The Collectionair in-house team has extensive experience in both art and tecnhology. The team is strenghtened by its Curatorial Committee, acting as our sounding board, which is a key part of how Collectionair functions. The committee introduces talented independent curators and artists to Collectionair and plays an active role in advising, directing and maintaining the ethos of the Collectionair platform. Jean-Hubert Martin, Philippa Adams, Emmanuelle de Montgazon, Catherine Ugols and Adelina Von Fürstenberg make up the committee, a team with decades of combined experience from some of the greatest institutions and musems of the world.


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Olivier Varenne - Co-Founder & Head Curator

Olivier, our Founding Father, is Collectionair’s very own unlimited resource of creative energy! As the Co-Director of Exhibitions & Collections and International Curator at MONA in Tasmania, Australia, and with retrospectives of Marina Abramovic, Gilbert & George and Matthew Barney under his belt, Olivier constantly challenges the limitations of art in our society. Here, using his unrivalled precision for quality and as Collectionair’s head curator, he is responsible for building the most innovative of curatorial networks, and of course, for bringing you exciting new exhibitions.

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Valerie Konde - Co-founder & CEO

Valerie, our Chief Cheerleader, was born and raised in Senegal. With an entrepreneurial spirit (and an Insead MBA to support) she left her job at Google to follow a passion closer to her heart, bringing art from emerging scenes to screens near you. Using her tech, digital marketing, and investment banking experience Valerie leads her team with her very own brand of business intelligence!

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Christina Schumacher - Web Content & Marketing

Christina and Daniel are Collectionair’s very own Online Oracles. With consecutively, 8 and 10 years worth of experience in web design and e-commerce web development, they make sure all of Collectionair’s brilliant concepts, artists and curators actually make it to your screen!

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Rita Almeida Freitas - COO & Curator Liaison

Rita, our Nifty Navigator, makes sure Collectionair’s operation runs from A to Z. Having worked at Phillips and co-founded her art advisory company, Rita has no qualms with navigating the art world. Combined with her MA from Sotheby’s in Art Business and her experience as an official nominator for the FT Emerging Voices Award and she is the perfect partner in crime for our CEO and Founders. 

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Daniel Bakker - Web Development

Christina and Daniel are Collectionair’s very own Online Oracles. With consecutively, 8 and 10 years worth of experience in web design and e-commerce web development, they make sure all of Collectionair’s brilliant concepts, artists and curators actually make it to your screen!

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Pallas Kalamotusis - Editor-in-Chief

Pallas, our Word Wizard, makes sure that what you read on our website and blog is worth every minute of your time! With an MA in history of art from the Courtauld Institute, and experience working closely with collectors, she combines the academicism of art history and her practical experience with the freedom symbolised by Collectionair’s very own virtual art world to get you all the info you need!

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Martin Guinard - Curator

Martin Guinard-Terrin is an artist and curator, with a background in History of Art and Fine Arts (Concordia, McGill, Central Saint Martins). He has worked at the Palais des Beaux-arts in Paris under the direction of Nicolas Bourriaud. He is currently co-curating an international exhibition called Reset Modernity ! at ZKM I Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. The project is realised in collaboration with the AIME project, under the direction of the philosopher Bruno Latour. View is profile here.

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Alix Janta-Polczynski - Artist Liaison

Alix, our Master Mediator, is Collectionair’s very own human bridge! With experience in just about everything; a post-grad in art, an MA in medieval history, a three-time co-founder, a curator AND an artist’s assistant, Alix is responsible for building partnerships between Collectionair and institutions, art projects, artists and curators. She does this while helping to manage our operations and constantly hunting for new Collectionair content! View her profile here.

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Raphael Tecucianu - Business Development

Raphael Tecucianu was born and raised in Paris and has a background in Entrepreneurship and Art History. After an MA in Art Business from Sotheby's Institute, and some time spent at Christie's, Raphael now works with the entire team, developing ways for Collectionair to create successful partnerships and bringing you exciting projects all year round.

Curatorial Committee

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Catherine Ugols - Curatorial Committee

After graduating from the Ecole du Louvre with a Major in contemporary art, Catherine Ugols has worked in several art galleries such as Sonnabend in New York and Jan Krugier in Geneva. Catherine also worked for Jacques Tajan auction house in Paris as well as for an expert. She has been collaborating for 10 years with Patricia Marshall, a renowned art advisor and has also builded diverses collections including young artists (Lebanon), emerging artists (Lebanon) or focused on medium such as works on paper (Paris). Her different positions through times allows her to have a transversal vision of the contemporary art market.

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Jean-Hubert Martin - Curatorial Committee

Jean-Hubert Martin, a graduate in art history, was director of the Kunsthalle Bern, the National Modern Art Museum of the Pompidou Center, the National Museum of African and Oceanic Arts in Paris and the Museum Kunst Palast in Düsseldorf. He led the artistic programs of the Castle of Oiron and the Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea in Milan. His interest in non-Western cultures led him to design an open-plan exhibition by confronting works of heterogeneity and hence promote a renewed look (World Theater, MONA, Hobart and Maison Rouge, Paris, 2012-13 and Carambolages, Grand Palais, Paris, 2016). He has curated numerous biennials and major exhibitions: Paris - Berlin (1978), Paris - Moscow (1979), Magicians of the Earth (1989), An image can hide another (2009), Salvador Dali (2012), The strange city of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov (2014).

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Emmanuelle de Montgazon - Curatorial Committee

Trained as Art historian, she was Cultural Attaché at the French Embassy in Tokyo (1997-2002) and in New York (2002-2006). Based in Paris since 2007, she has conducted several missions as Consultant with Artists and Cultural institutions: the Théâtre de Gennevilliers (Pascal Rambert), CCN Montpellier (Mathilde Monnier), CNDC Angers (Emmanuelle Huynh), Odawara Art Foundation (Japan), Gisèle Vienne, Céleste Boursier-Mougenot etc. She was guest curator of the first Aichi Triennale - Japan (2010), the exhibition ‘Hiroshi Sugimoto – Accelerated Buddha' at the Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent Foundation - Paris (2013), and in charge of the inaugural events at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris (2014). Since 2012, she is artistic director of Ryoji Ikeda Studio (Paris-Kyoto). She is associate curator of Japanese season for the Centre Pompidou-Metz (2017)

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Philippa Adams - Curatorial Committee

Philippa Adams is Senior Director at The Saatchi Gallery, London. Working directly on the collection, liaising with artists and galleries on new acquisitions and commissions. Since 1998 she has worked on the Saatchi exhibitions and accompanying publications drawn from the collection, many of which have traveled to major museums and institutions world wide.

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Adelina Von Furstenberg - Curatorial Committee

Αdelina von Fürstenberg is an Independent Curator and Film Producer, President of ART for The World.  She is an international and renowned curator and one of the field’s pioneers in broadening contemporary art. Von Fürstenberg took a more global and flexible approach to contemporary art exhibitions, in bringing art in spaces such as monasteries, medersas, public buildings, squares, islands, parks, etc. Her objective is to give a larger context for visual art in making it a more vigorous part of our lives, in creating a vivid dialogue for it with other arts, and relating it to worldwide issues. Amongst her extensive list of exhibitions, most recently she was the Chief Curator of the main exhibition of the 4thThessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (2014) and curator of the Armenia's National Pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennale, winner of the Golden Lion Award.