Solo show by Danish artist Katja Angeli

About the exhibition
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The works Strange Fruits, part of the ongoing series “Nightclubbing”, project a surreal, carnivalesque world of shifting shapes, forms and scenes, referencing the body in a virtual space. Katja Angeli’s practice is rooted in drawing; and her cartoonish compositions play on the slippage between figuration and abstraction, offering a pervading sense of plenitude. 

Besides, Angeli explores in these works the complex relationship between physicality and digitality. The use of organic Japanese paper references nature in its perpetual state of flux. Coupled with the precision of the digital imprint, this creates a rich and contradictory expression, reflecting on our naturally imperfect physical existence in a polished technological world.

About the curator

London-based, Alix Janta-Polczynski is engaged in various projects. In 2009, she co-founded Art Barter (, a platform to promote the use of barter between artists and the public through exhibitions. Successive events were held in London, Berlin, New York, Madrid, Istanbul, Mexico City and Dubai. Their goal to support young talent materialised in 2012 through the creation of Alteria Art (, a collaborative vehicle closely working with both emerging and established artists through an eclectic program of exhibitions, talks and commissioned works. She also co-runs Adad Books (, a publishing company specialising in photography works. 

About the artist

Katja Angeli is a Danish artist who graduated with an MFA from the Royal College of Art in 2015. She lives and works in London. Her work projects a surreal, carnivalesque world of shifting shapes, forms and scenes. The work exists within the parameters of assemblage and uses the appropriation and conflation of words, images, objects and space to explore the image as an ambiguous, groundless portal, referencing a narrative about identity, transformation and the relationship between the physical and the digital.