Middle Eastern Art - Weaving its Way West

A group show examining contemporary Middle Eastern takes on traditional textile and thread-based mediums

About the exhibition
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This exhibition brings together both a rapidly emerging art scene and a tactile emerging art trend. Firstly, the vibrant Middle Eastern art scene and secondly the use of craft, particularly textiles and thread, in what can now be categorised as ‘high art’.

Artists such as Grayson Perry and Chiharu Shiota have played an important role in taking the medium of craft and making it a valid part of contemporary art. Shiota, whose thread based installation The Key in the Hand at the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015 was widely appreciated, is part of an ongoing and upcoming trend. Other artists such as Pae White and Anne Patterson also create large scale thread installations that are no exception to this trend. Here, Collectionair curates smaller, more delicate and accessible works that use the same principal.

For the last couple of years, new and interesting artists have been slowly but surely bursting out of the Middle East and giving the west a run for its money. With the help of fairs such as Art Dubai and projects likes the Endjavi-Barbe Art Project, of which four of the artists exhibited here are a part of, Contemporary Middle Eastern Art has even gained its own auction at Christie’s and Bonhams. Here, we represent artists coming directly from Iran and Oman. 

Bringing together these two vital parts of the art world, Collectionair is proud to present works which are radiant in their delicate beauty and symbolic of their culturally rich surroundings.

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