Ida Aslanian

Deconstruction, simplification and detachment of Islamic visuals

About the exhibition
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Ida Aslanian is an Iranian-born artist of Armenian descent. She moved to Geneva in 1970, where she studied at the School of Fine Arts.

Her body of work revolves around the deconstruction and simplification of the rich Islamic miniatures from the Safavid era, detaching them from their initial purpose. Her early works were very bright, playing on her memories of the rich Iranian visual landscape.

On her move to Switzerland, she found her surroundings a constant source of inspiration. One element particularly struck her: the subdued and mysterious colors that she encountered. As a result, her œuvres became increasingly silent and her palette darker. The constraints of her Iranian upbringing and particularly the restrictions on figural representations within Islamic culture were pivotal in her move towards structural abstraction and representing the world.

About the curator

After graduating from the Ecole du Louvre with a Major in contemporary art, Catherine Ugols has worked in several art galleries such as Sonnabend in New York and Jan Krugier in Geneva. Catherine also worked for Jacques Tajan auction house in Paris as well as for an expert. She has been collaborating for 10 years with Patricia Marshall, a renowned art advisor and has also builded diverses collections including young artists (Lebanon), emerging artists (Lebanon) or focused on medium such as works on paper (Paris). Her different positions through times allows her to have a transversal vision of the contemporary art market.