Hervé Perdriolle presents Shine Shivan, one of the most captivating Indian artists of his generation. 


For the thirty-year old artist, the medium is medium. He uses it as much to transform the material as to come into contact with the immaterial. To do this the artist multiplies as much as possible mediums, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video, photo, performance. He associates, imbricates, merges; the experience is artistic and the adventure is human.

The whole work of Shine Shivan deals with sexuality through the myths of India, country of contradictions: the free expression of the erotic sculptures of ancient Indian temples faces today's censorship imposed on the name of religion. His eclectic work takes shape by letting the extremes connect. Male and female, light and darkness, gentleness and pain, temporal and timeless, give birth to his amazing hybrid works.

The Lucifer series has been realized by Shine Shivan in one day, like a performance, on August 7th, 2014. The serie symbolizes the duality when the lightness born from the darkness.

"Shivan casts a wide net of references: to mythology, to earthworks, to fellow Indian artists Tejal Shah and Sheela Gowda, certainly, and may be to American artists Petah Coyne and Harmony Hammond as well. With his formal ingenuity and charged subject matter, Shivan will be a compelling artist to follow" ( in Art in America, Suzan Hapgood).