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Eva Magyarosi, the gem of video animation of Hungary and beyond, has recently created (2016-2017), for the Kochi Biennial, ten animation videos under the generic title “Eden”. These magical works include and “animate” Eva Magyarosi’s own tales and drawings, stories and fantasies, dreams and realities, memories and bedtime poems, past and present: in a most generous creative gesture, Eva Magyarosi gives the viewer all of it – in ten videos and related stills. 

“Paradise or Eden in ten variations, the way we encounter so many drawings, films, faces, voices, colours, animals, scores for cello and piano, like life encouraged by death and death sustained by life. 

“Paradise or Eden by Eva Magyarosi in ten compositions, the way we feel the breath of a heady tempest: The Dreams of Children, The Pine Tree, The Pool, Briefly about Us, Straddle-Legged, Where I Come From, The Sea, The Dog Rose Bush, Plotting Board, Winter Gardens, like an immense dream that accumulates light crystals, black phantasmagorias, the sky, the tide, white paper and love letters to the dead.” 

“Paradise or Eden in ten facets, the way we advance against platitudes, against realism, against boredom, against normality, against quietude, against habits, against betrayal, against the lack of fever, against everything that puts sculpture and emotion in the background, against fear, against those who believe themselves entitled to comment, against the makers of traps. Against them, and for clouds that are red, orange, purple, blue, turquoise, grey or white, for the fragile, pure and impure dreams of children, for the joy and effervescence of blood reaching the sky, for the web and its chrysalis, for the multiple cords that connect women, that connect men, and men and women in a new expressionist dance, a liturgy towards the horizon, a dream even bigger than the dreams transmitted from one spirit to another.  

“Paradise or Eden in ten dagger blows, the way love is all a misunderstanding, a spell, a mystery, a celebration, a combat, power, a destiny, dizziness, a doubt, a fire, a fracture, a loss, an apogee. It’s another way for the artist to say, “Love exists, it’s just that we don’t know about it.” 

“Paradise or Eden in ten scars the way Eva Magyarosi wards off fate by describing the death of the father, his sickly body and his last days, moments saved by memory and these words of life in Where I Come From: ‘In my dream my parents are dreaming: what one begins, the other continues.’  

“Paradise or Eden in ten fantasies the way painting and music come together. “Colors are the notes that I use to create harmonies and oppositions of sounds and chords.” (Emil Nolde). And when Nolde says: “We want to bring color and light into the painting. We do not want to render depth but to bring everything onto the same level.” Eva Magyarosi could well make these last words her own. Her images and her dreams are an ensemble that brings everything onto the same level. Vision, sound, inner trembling… 

“Paradise or Eden in ten periods the way visible and invisible alternate. Where does this attraction to the invisible come from? From the Hungarian town of Veszprem? Eva Magyarosi seeks the invisible, hunts it down, deforms it, resuscitates it.” 

Eden is on air. 

Barbara Polla

with a text adapted from Jean-Philippe Rossignol (art writer)

About the curator

Barbara Polla is an independent curator, a writer and currently a gallery owner. She has also been an elected politician for twelve years in Switzerland, and an MP from 1999 to 2003. Whether in politics, in art or in writing, she commits herself to promote freedom: freedom of thought, expression and movement, for all individuals, whenever possible. As a curator and gallery owner, Barbara Polla often shows unconventional artworks, creates projects in which she involves both renowned artists and emerging talents and aims to discover, show and promote hidden and uncanny beauty. Barbara Polla works with a number of projects, and whenever she embraces one, she will explore it intellectually, artistically, in collaborations and as a writer. Her current projects include art & prison; art & science, liking memory and video art; and gender issues.

She has always been interested in the power of difference and diversity, of “reverse thinking”, of challenging stereotypes, and is amazed by the energy generated by rupture, by getting out of frame, by “coming out”: uncanny Energy. 

Barbara Polla lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland; she has curated solo/group shows in Turkey, Lebanon, Australia and elsewhere, both in galleries and institutions. In parallel with this, she organises various cultural events such as Video Forever (screenings & conferences about video art, in collaboration with French curator & art critic Paul Ardenne) and Poetry Nights. She teaches creative and critical writing at HEAD Geneva, is an active blogger and publishes assays (on gender), books about art and personal fictions and poetry.