Solo Show by Maria Gimeno

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Every day I'm an artist, because it is a way of life. Is this an inevitable condition? I am reflecting on the value of the artist's work and the commitment that implies. I have developed a way to capture this idea in a series of works that are a true reflection of this way of understanding life. 

Every single day throughout 2013, I made the concerted effort to work a drawing. A thorough and true picture of my face, a self-portrait. Because and artist is an artist every day. Every hour or minute is an opportunity and a need to draw inspiration.

Every day I'm an artist and every day I formed an inseparable part of the work through these self-portraits drawn in pencil on paper. Each drawing contains the dedication of time spent this idea of being present and relevant, all the time. Using a direct and open language to all, I hope to achieve a goal, which is none other than to place value on the work of all artists and this “always on” aspect to our lives.  

Time is a crucial factor in this project. A full year, twelve months from January to December. It’s a complete cycle of time, what we understand as cyclical time. What happens one year can be repeated to infinity, if we talk in absolute terms. This is the reason I have chosen to do a series of self-portraits along every day for a year. 

Another critical aspect for the artist has always been the patron or the doner. Throughout art history, donors, patrons, and more recently collectors have been a key figure. They have facilitated the execution art. There are plenty of pictures in which the donor is represented in the work and occupies an important place in the scene. I intend to continue this tradition and introduce the collector in the series of self-portraits.

This project involves an exchange of portraits, the collector who buys a self-portrait, is an integral part of the project. HOW? Each of my self-portraits acquired, must be replaced by a drawn portrait of the collector. Donors will again be an intrinsic part of the work."


How to be part of the project? 

1) Maria has drawn her self-portrait every day for 365 days. Pick one of these portraits (maybe your date of birth!) You can view the entire selection by clicking here

2) Email us your choice to info@collectionair.com along with a photo of your desired portrait. You can be creative! Tip: Why not take a new photograph or of yourself that relates or dialogues well with the self-portrait of myself you have chosen? 

3) Receive at home Maria Gimeno's original self-portrait and a framed single piezography copy of the portrait of the collector. Both works will have a customised frame supplied by the artist.

4) The completed project will be the complete set of self portraits. Of the artist and the donor/collector. 

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