Mathieu Merlet Briand: Google Matter

A solo show exploring the 3D materialty of intangible online content through sculpture.

About the exhibition
Grid view
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Accounting for the materiality of digital production is a pivotal question for Mathieu Merlet Briand. The artist is aware of the fact that the digital sphere cannot be associated solely with the notion of immateriality. Sociologists of science and technology, including Bruno Latour, make the point that there is indeed an entire infrastructure (or network of actors) behind digital production, such as data centres, circuits, the computer screen...

Mathieu Merlet Briand is fascinated by the deluge of images that appear with the use of a search bar. With the help of computer programmers he has designed an algorithm that gathers all the statistics and images resulting from a google search of a specific word at a certain point in time. He then overlaps the google results, reveals some of their pixels and generates a texture with them. Lastly, he prints the texture and laminates it on metal plates. The results of this process is a series of digital artefacts that appear like fragile remains of a temple.

About the curator

Martin Guinard-Terrin is an artist and curator, with a background in History of Art and Fine Arts (Concordia, McGill, Central Saint Martins). He has worked at the Palais des Beaux-arts in Paris under the direction of Nicolas Bourriaud. He is currently co-curating an international exhibition called Reset Modernity ! at ZKM I Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. The project is realised in collaboration with the AIME project, under the direction of the philosopher Bruno Latour.