A black-and-white solo show centered on the faces of the photographer's native Mozambique.

About the exhibition
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A self-taught photographer, Mario Vombe has worked mostly with photojournalism. Faces is his first creative and fine art photography series. The strength of his photographs, much alike those of Sebastião Salgado, lies in the deep concern for humanity and a great compassion for the people of his native Mozambique. In this powerful black and white photographic series one can find extreme beauty in the subject, repetition and composition.  

In the words of the artist: “For this series I was inspired by the work of the Master Malangatana, where through faces he expressed moments, emotions, history, etc. My aim with this work is to get across the message that if we accept our differences, we will find out that we are all the same. The Masks (faces) are the reflex of what we are since our eyes speak further and deeper that our mouths.”

About the curator

She has worked at the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre, one of the largest cultural centers in Africa, having 18 years of cultural management experience. During this period, she has collaborated in several cultural projects at an international level, coordinated different international film festivals (such as Dokanema), international meetings of photography (namely Photofesta), visual art and traveling exhibitions such as Africa Remix for Mozambican artists. She also curated several photography and fine arts exhibitions.