A History of Connections

A mystical pictorial dialogue between three self-taught artists.

About the exhibition
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This exhibition is a realisation of the unprecedented pictorial association of three autodidact artists who distil the emanations of a dense mystery.

The works on paper by Charles Boussion and Marc Duran are presented with the paintings of Filder Augustin Pena, shamanic painter from the Shipibo tribe, a native of the Amazonian jungle. 

Accept an invitation into the voyage, a proposition not deprived of an assured panache where sparks will fly.

A history of sensations…

About the curator

Compulsive collector, part-time musician, DJ Skeleta aka Diaboloman and nomadic gallerist by profession, Pascal Saumade has been showing an assured interest in popular art in general and in its marginal and distant creation in particular. The passion to share these discoveries with the public led him to create the Pop Gallery in 2000. To share this cultural wealth, born on the side of « official art », to a wider audience, to amateurs and enthusiasts, became his mission.  The art that we call Art Brut, Outsider Art or Singular Art, broadens the common definition of art, seducing us by its intuitive nature, highlighting the flamboyant personality of the « ordinary geniuses ». 

“It is the hidden face of the contemporary art the we need to reintroduce in the history of art if we are to understand the real nature of the art of today.” Laurent Danchin