An illustrated commentary on Indonesian politics, bureaucracy and corruption.

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Berdasarkan Pengalaman Pribadi

Berdasarkan Pengalaman Pribadi (Based on a True Story), is the title of this exhibition, chosen by Vendy during a discussion we had about the subject matter of his work. Personal experience is a tool often used in the work of an artist, because it brings up feelings of empathy, sympathy, and all other kinds of emotions and with Vendy it’s no different.

Through conversations with fellow lower middle class citizens in his neighbourhood, as well as experiencing and observing wider social and political problems, Vendy has created a wildly vivid body of work, a kind of commentary on local societies understanding and perception of topics beyond their reach or even outside their interest, like politics and bureaucracy and their hypocrisies and corruption.

Anxiety, anger and fear are some of the emotions that arise from this complex society. Vendy empathises with these feelings and has visualised them using pop and cartoon icons, alongside direct, critical and even cynical text from personal statements used to represent himself. Vendy interpreted information or phenomena outside of himself, both local and wider problems, as a way to explore his own identity further.

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia | September 2016

Rennie ‘Emonk’ Agustine

About the curator

Rennie Agustine Ferdianti S. Pd aka EmonK is a prolific artist and curator, well immersed in the Indonesian contemporary art scene. Emonk graduated from the Fine Arts Department at the Indonesian Education University (UPI) and has worked as a Curator and Art Manager for ViaVia Alternative Art Space (ViaVia Travelers) for several years. She was a member of Dance Performance Group called BINTANG SELATAN (2009-2010), Founder and Member of Performance Art Community from Bandung called “GANIATI (Garing Mania Sampay Mati, 2000-present) and a member of Wayang Cyber Multimedia Performance(2002-present).