Exploring the ephemeral nature of achitecture, relationships and memories through fragmented and layered images of the obsolete.

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“These paintings explore the impermanence of all things; of infrastructures and architecture, memories and family relationships. References to the collapse of civilisations, ruined architecture, the fragmentation of the image and samples from redundant processes or dying crafts, all speak of the destruction and creativity of the human, of the passing of time and history.

The images and processes in my work are linked by my pre-occupation with redundancy, failure and the ruin in visual culture. Screen-printed low-res images of aftermath from the impact of natural disasters are woven through motifs, diagrams, digital clip art and analogue stock imagery from printers’ catalogues. Further layers of painted ruins, ornamental, architectural facades and fragmented, decapitated statues obscure the printed image. Each layer obfuscates the last, constructing a chaos of pictorial data until it begins to cancel out what was previously legible.”


Diana Taylor, 2016. 

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