TOMOYUKI UENO - Blooming Lives

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“The view of the world can be expanded by the balance between embodiment and abstraction or space, with this perspective as principle, my works might resemble a poem.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tomoyuki Ueno

At the beginning of his artistic career Japanese artist Tomoyuki Ueno focused on the theme of time, and the changing of our perceptions, but experienced through extraordinary circumstances. More recently he works with the concept of national borders and anthems, discovering the dichotomies which exist between our own identities in relation to the world and others surrounding us.

This exhibition comprises of three different series’. The first, On The Ashes, focuses on the circles of life. Using beautiful old black and white photographs, butterflies and flowers (which are actually cut-put patterns from the butterflies' wings), Ueno depicts the co-dependent relationship between all three elements. In Anthems Series and Strategy Series the focus shifts more towards text, both its conceptual and aesthetic values. Using a play on words, and by stacking up the anthems and national strategies on top of each other the artist reveals a broader national commentary.

Throughout all of his work, Ueno seeks to build a relationship between objects and concepts, linking words to objects that do not hold any immediate similarities, and vice-versa. 

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