Jala Wahid

Solo Show

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Jala Wahid's work involves volatile materials that appear to be for her, but eventually betray themselves as gifts of persuasion, and in turn, Wahid co-opts their potential to invite and disappoint for her own emotive agenda. 

For Collectionair Wahid shows a series of photographic stills, strung together to form a strobe-effect narrative of their past. Whether through the organic shadows pointing to form out of the shot, the materials used or through the artist's use of a single body part fragmented from her own, the work speaks of a denial of the body as whole. 

About the curator

Tayah is a London based curator, founder and director of Studio_Leigh.

After gaining a first class degree from Central Saint Martins, Tayah Leigh Barrs immediately began working for Mario Testino as part of his creative team. She worked as art director and also headed a division that worked with the photographer on unique and special collaboration projects. In 2014 she resigned from Mario Testino to start her own gallery Studio_Leigh. Since opening in September 2015 the gallery has received much press and critical acclaim for its ambitious and original structure: for being an innovative and progressive gallery space, working with its artists in a unique way, allowing it access to both emerging and represented artists.