Mozambique NOW II

A solo show by Bata

About the exhibition
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Bata is an artist that has actively broken away from the notion of traditional Mozambican sculpture. Replacing ceramic and wood with metal, a much harsher and contemporary material. Both Goncalo Mabunda and Bata are responsible for defining the countries new contemporary art scene.

Self-taught, Bata uses metal objects, such as kitchen items and keys, to create new dimensions where texture and movement constantly intertwine with each other. Learning to perfect the art of combining traditionalism and modernity, Bata has succeeded in shining a fresh light on Mozambique, maintaining respect for the the countries tumultuous history, but also presenting it as a hub for innovation.

About the curator

She has worked at the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre, one of the largest cultural centers in Africa, having 18 years of cultural management experience. During this period, she has collaborated in several cultural projects at an international level, coordinated different international film festivals (such as Dokanema), international meetings of photography (namely Photofesta), visual art and traveling exhibitions such as Africa Remix for Mozambican artists. She also curated several photography and fine arts exhibitions.