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Carpe Diem Editions are brought to Collectionair by the artists in residence at the Carpe Diem Art and Research project. Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa is a cultural contemporary art residency and project based in the Pombal Palace in Lisbon. A non-profit project with limited financial resources, they devote their time to experimenting with the production of new cultural directions in art. Exhibitions depend on the artist’s proposals, which are conceived in relation to the architectural framework, and the team of inventive curators. This collection of editions was made specifically for Carpe Diem and is the result of a direct collaboration between the artists and the research project, lending continuity to the sustainability of the project from within. The editions symbolise the creativity and commitment necessary to continuing such innovative art projects. These works are also a perfect opportunity for new contemporary art collectors to indulge themselves and start their own collections.

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