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by Maria Elisa Chim

The tumultuous history of Mozambique, a country engrossed in war for almost 20 years, has become an inspiration for the countries contemporary artists.

In the case of Gonçalo Mabunda, the artist repurposes old weapons and ammunition from the civil war as a metaphor for the hope of better times ahead. The harsh materials combined with Mabunda’s spontaneous artistic skill enchants and surprises us in each and every work.

Where Adelino Vasco Mendonça is concerned, his naïve style of drawing remind us of the uncomplicated visions of a child. The works draw us into a world where children view their surroundings in a unbiased way, abundant with dreams, imagination and freely expressed emotions. Mendonça’s work makes us stop in time and observe both imaginary and real events from an unlimited and broad perspective.

There is a complimentary balance between these artists; both use traditional tools to express themselves with a freedom symbolic of  both Mozambique in the present 21st Century and also its promising future. 

About the curator

She has worked at the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre, one of the largest cultural centers in Africa, having 18 years of cultural management experience. During this period, she has collaborated in several cultural projects at an international level, coordinated different international film festivals (such as Dokanema), international meetings of photography (namely Photofesta), visual art and traveling exhibitions such as Africa Remix for Mozambican artists. She also curated several photography and fine arts exhibitions.