Balint Zsako: Watercolours

Small-format watercolors of naked and disturbed forms convey 'everything about contemporary art'.

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I want to put everything about contemporary art into a small watercolour”

Balint Zsako


Almost every single one of Balint Zsako’s works are carried out on the same standard sized paper. Within these small productions the artist really does manage to fit in ‘everything about contemporary art’. From colours, to concepts to art historical references, there are endless levels to be explored in Balint Zsako’s works.  

Firstly, it is obvious even to the untrained eye, that Zsako is an extremely talented draughtsman. The delicacy of line and the way this is balanced with his use of colour stood out from the first moment I discovered his works. There can be no denying that by the traditional definition of the word ‘artist’, Zsako’s talents are plentiful.

Secondly, Zsako’s figures, whose naked and disturbed forms twist and turn around each other on the paper, remind us of a surrealist approach to the body. Within this, their mutilated forms occasionally become abstracted, and we begin to understand that the narrative is subjective. Zsako has even been known to allow the audience to re-arrange the order of his works, therefore creating new and alternating narratives.

Thirdly, Zsako’s works consistently embody recognisable dualities: construction and destruction, order and disorder, to name a few. The animals, figures, landscapes and objects pile up on each other and fall apart from drawing to drawing. They exist in an orderly way, only to be thrown into chaotic disorder moments later. It is clear that it only takes a second to turn one of Zsako’s narratives on its head.

Last, but by no means the least important, Zsako’s works to be a refreshing and fun relief from a sometimes all too ‘serious’ contemporary art world. It is a joy to appreciate the aesthetic qualities in these works, and to see how they flow continuously. Zsako’s world is one of pure creative expression and the balance between conventional mediums, and disturbed subject matters, make for a revitalizing art experience.


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