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By Joe Zhu

This exhibition features six young artists who work in Hangzhou, where the China Academy of Art is located and known for its art-related activities. Most of them work in the discipline of painting and drawing. Having been brought up in the age of globalization in the biggest communist country in the world, their works show influences that are very different from their predecessors and contemporaries: their aesthetic is less political, as the suppressed history seems to have been replaced by the fast pace of commercial cultural. Their works seems quiet, as Hangzhou is not a noisy metropolitan city. I simply hope to provide a different kind of perspective on contemporary Chinese art for international audiences through this small group of artists. Last but not least, enjoy the works and welcome to Hangzhou.

About the curator

Joe Zhu is an art journalist and independent curator from Hangzhou. He works at the second biggest daily paper in China, Dushikuaibao as the art correspondent and has been involved in various international art projects. He participated in 2012 British Council's China-UK Arts Management Professional Development Programme, and Co-curated Open Books: Artists and their Chinese Folding Book, an ongoing international touring project that has toured UK, China, Australia and many more countries to come.

Favourite Museums: Shanghai Museum, Tate Britain, Nordic Watercolor Museum/

Favourite Books: The Rules of Art, Pierre Bourdieu. Art Power, Boris Groys. The Story of Art, E.H.Gombrich.

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