Restaurant Poster, 2016

Giclée print on archival paper.

60 x 75 cm


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Jeanne Gaigher is a visual artist living and working in Cape Town, South Africa whose sumptuous, moody paintings have made her a collectors’ favourite and a rising star within the SMITH stable.

Having graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2013, Gaigher spent the ensuing years between Taiyuan, China and Monroe, Louisiana in the United States. From this confusion of cultures, continents and contexts emerged Gaigher’s now signature style.

For Gaigher, painting, and the tactile experience the medium offers, is “a tool to scrape at information and ideas that I find too difficult to put successfully into words or any other visual material.” Drawing from her chosen prompts, whether parts of songs, sound recordings and photographs, Gaigher uses paint to extract these ideas or moments and develop them into atmosphere or feeling. 

Written by Matthew Freemantle 

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