Pavona 1, 2015

Drawing on paper

29.7 x 21 cm.


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Artist statement:

After a period essentially dedicated to performance, I have decided to question my entire production, as I feel I have exhausted my research into biographical episodes. I have cancelled everything – I don’t know if this is good or bad – but I can honestly say that I have done so freely and always in response to the same interior world that pushed me towards actions or photography in the past. For several years now, I have dedicated myself to collecting small objects at home, which are often chosen due to their emotional relationships with other small details, such as minerals, fragments of old objects and metal, such as copper and brass. I arrange all of these on flat surfaces and believe that the most important element is the rhythm they create. They are almost like tiny exhibitions, and I, no longer so concerned with the concept of authorship, I am now the curator.

I add very little to the existing object, as I believe that the vicinity of each element is perfectly creative, and the proportions of the same become the expressive potential of what I wish to convey.

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