Bags study 01, 2017

Digital Pigment prints 

50 x 43 cm.

Editions of 20.

Also available in 76 x 100 cm: $ 1600

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The common plastic shopping bag is an object that is generally not considered beautiful or worthy of much contemplation. “Bags” is a series of photographic studies featuring plastic bags containing objects which are obscured by the heightened texture of the plastic surface. What the bags hold is floating in a void, reduced to clues about colour palette, shape and scale. In absence of specific details, the artist is interested in how these clues might tap into our deep memories that allow our imagination to “see” the object instantly, or whether we may never totally grasp what is inside. By studying the surface of the bag to try and see beyond it, we are appreciating its form in a new way and it asks us to reconsider its value as an object of beauty.

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Daniel was born and raised Sydney, Australia. He began his career in film and television, where he gradually found himself drawn to his interest in light and photography. He went on to graduate from Photo media at Sydney College of the Arts and was awarded the prestigious Phototechnica Award for New Australian Photo-Artist of the Year – 2001 with his honours project. He was exhibited in groups shows at ACP Sydney, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, UTS Gallery, First Draft Gallery and most recently at Neubacher Shor (Toronto) during Contact Photo Festival 2014. His first solo show “Botanical Inquiry” was recently exhibited at Saint Cloche Gallery in Sydney.Daniel has initiated and collaborated on projects with Future Classic Music, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, and Oxfam/Cirque du Soleil (World Youth Day).



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