GONE, 2016


19 x 60 cm.

Edition of 3 plus 2 artist's proofs.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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The [gone] Project was born in 2014 and brings together a range of photographic projects that respond to the in situ experience of Anastasia Fugger and Carolina Pimenta. The two photographers travel the world capturing a unique perspective of seemingly known grounds thereby creating a distinct way of exploring a location through a unique collaboration of two lenses.


For their second series of work Anastasia Fugger and Carolina Pimenta present [gone] Poland. Whilst their first series was mainly focused on the nature of borders and cultures in Mexico, Fugger and Pimenta’s second series studies the entanglement between religion and state in architectural and social practices in post-war Poland.


“When in Trouble, Pray to God”, is a sound and photographic installation, which consists of a visual study of 20 churches. The two artists noticed a strong link between the tumultuous historic past of the country and its architecture, they were particularly taken by the impact of 40 years of Soviet domination on the structures of modernist churches in the urban and rural parts of the country.


The duo’s collage piece BLOKI, is a moment of reflection and observation on the development of Polish public housing structures. This digitally collaged work represents with irony the uniform and colorful designs, which were built during the Communist era in order to provide large quantities of affordable housing, seeking to create a “collectivistic nature” in people, while finding new symbolic expressions of Modernism.


The rest of the photographic work is always paired and juxtaposes the different perspectives of the artist duo. The tones and colors used by the artists are reminiscent of those they found throughout their journey in Polish cities and peripheries.


Sized, framed and selected with the utmost attention to detail, the photographic series presented by Fugger and Pimenta is a celebration of their experience of a country still coming to terms with its identity, many times disrupted by changing borders and wartime.


Tackling subjects such as society, politics, and spirituality through photography and new experimental mediums, Fugger and Pimenta elevate themselves to accomplished artists that pushed their practice into a visual exploration that intends to promote discussion or mere reflection on Poland’s cultural characteristics in a multitude of contexts.

- Giulia Campaner Mendes 

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Desktop anastasia fugger   carolina pimenta by laura cartagena


Anastasia Fugger merges her love of nature, places, and people in her photography. Being raised between the United States and Germany has given Fugger a lust for travel that she continues to indulge, using her photographs to show what she finds. Her portfolio is manifold, with samples of African wildlife featured alongside crude Balinese portraits and rich landscape shots from Namibia and Peru. Aside from her pic art, she is immersed in various science communication and documentary production projects in London, the city she bases herself in. Fugger is co-founder of the [gone] Project, which has been shown in New York at Parasol Projects (2014); London at (2015); and Lisbon at Galeria Garça Brandão (2015).


Carolina Pimenta (1988, Porto, Portugal) kneads deconstructionism and inspiration from the abstract arts into her photography prints. The stark variation found in Pimenta's portfolio comes from her time spent as an expat in cities like London, New York, and Lisbon. She focused on video production during her time in New York, though her current media of choice are collages and photographs. Pimenta shows no restraint in dabbling with the abstract, though she also proves her ability to produce rich, realistic pictures. She is co-founder of the [gone] Project, a lauded landscape photography undertaking. Her works have been featured in, London, England; Galeria Graça Brandão, Lisbon, Portugal; and Burda Media, Munich, Germany.

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