Can Can Cactus, 2017

Acrylic, glitter, rhinestones, mixed media on canvas.

53 x 40 cm.

Signed on the verso.

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Tony Galloway (Tampa Bay, Florida, 1984) is a multimedia artist who produces paintings and collages. Often, Galloway capitalizes on the blurred line between his primary media, enhancing the impression of the painting by framing it within an array of carefully selected materials: rhinestones, reflective tape, screen printed materials, among others. Galloway's paranoid, post-apocalyptic fantasies are sometimes stressful, though viewers are unable to look away from the annihilation. His works have been shown at Blue Rider Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan.


He has had an ongoing interest in post-apocalyptic novels and movies, and this can be viewed in his work. This genre is often depicted gloomily, but one of his interests is to find the positive aspects of this situation. His paintings show a time in the indeterminate future after the end of the world when the new inhabitants are happily starting a new society. It’s a viewpoint that is influenced by existentialist thought.


He currently lives and works in Taipei whose architecture also serves as an influence to his work. As the Republic of China fled the Chinese mainland, many buildings were built quickly to house the new surge in population. These structures were quickly built out of cement and tile. Over the years, family after family have added on air conditioners, balcony expansions and various other modifications to the edifices, so that now these buildings have a patchwork type quality very similar to collage. Walking around Taipei and studying this vernacular architecture was very important to the creation of Tony Galloway’s collage-like technique.

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