The untold stories #3, 2011

Aluminum cast.

130 x 120 cm.

Edition 1 of 2 plus 1 artist's proof.


The text on the artwork translates to: Whose Mind is This? "Otak" actually means "brain", but in this context "mind" is a better translation. 

Exhibition History: 2015 Dirimart, Istanbul

Contact Collectionair for details about the artwork:

Mathias Arndt - Curator

"All the aluminum and brass cast works can be installed outside because they have the polyurethane coating. However, we don't know how long before they would need to be re-coated and of course, harsh weather conditions - direct sun, extreme cold/ice, heavy rains - would play a factor in maintenance and upkeep."

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Entang Wiharso (Tegal, Indonesia, 1967) is a contemporary artist known for his provocative sculptures and paintings. Inspiration for his work is derived from a combination of his own experiences and references to contemporary culture, Indonesian and Western folklore, and current events. Cartoon human figures recur in his drawings. They are shown dreaming, making love, attacking and defending themselves in tangled landscapes both manmade and natural. His works have been exhibited at Marc Straus at Art Central (2017); Tang Contemporary Art at Art Stage Singapore, Singapore (2017); STPI at Art Basel in Miami Beach, Miami Beach (2016).

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