Untitled, from the series "The Big Reveal", 2014

Ink on paper.

76 x 57 cm.

Signed on the verso.

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Will Thomson is a young artist living and working in London.


His paintings, inspired by ideas and processes within photography, align different ways in which we see and identify, as well as the manner in which they are revealed to us. A main point of interest is a moment occurring in the darkroom, when an exposed print is placed in developer and appears almost instantaneously. The artist has made a series of line and ink paintings that exemplify this moment at a point during their creation.


At the core of Will’s practice is the contrast between the control he wages over his variables and his integral inability to predict the final outcome. The optical effect created in his work is founded on this paradoxical process: using vinyl tape to create the patterns allows him to reveal the finished work in one single moment. The painting transforms from incomplete to finalised almost instantaneously, where process aligns with concept.


Within the last two years, his work has been exhibited in London on numerous occasions as well as in New York, included in large-scale collaborative projects and has his debut solo show this summer followed by a second in November. 

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