Full Moon over the Earth, Gemini 7, December 1965, 1965

Vintage chromogenic print.

20.2 x 25.4 cm.

Annotated "NASA S65-63873" on the recto.

Photo credit: Astronaut James Lovell.

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“Once the Apollo program was under way, it dawned on me that soon somebody was going to be taking a picture of the Earth from the Moon, so I took this picture of the Moon. When we got there on Apollo 8, we took the Earthrise photograph; they were like before-and-after pictures.” J. Lovell


This view of the moon was taken from the Gemini-7 spacecraft during its historic 14-day mission in space. The nose of the spacecraft is at lower left. The picture was taken with a 70mm handheld Hasselblad camera using Kodak SO217 medium speed film. Crew members for the flight were astronauts Frank Borman, command pilot; and James A. Lovell Jr., pilot.

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The photographs are guaranteed as vintage NASA prints, processed by NASA’s photographic laboratories shortly after the date of the scene depicted. As contemporary, original prints of pictures taken by astronaut-photographers such as Neil Armstrong, they are very rare and difficult to find, especially in good condition. 

Generally speaking, vintage NASA photographs were printed on fibre-based photographic paper, 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 in). Most are printed on “A Kodak Paper”, a watermark which changed in 1972.  Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are glossy prints on paper. The NASA reference numbers within square brackets do not appear on the prints and are provided for reference.

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