Turbulence, 2015

Kinetic sound object.

Variable dimensions (approximately 61 x 34 x 12 cm).

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Set of 3 kinetic sound objects: $3.000.


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This is a small flock of eight bird automatons. Initially this project was designed and carried out for an exhibition at the operational factory. The concept proposed the birds being mysterious alternative forms of extraterrestrial mechanical life. They were so naïve to end up in workshops that bore a resemblance to their home grounds. They were caught up in workshop mechanisms and utility communications, quivered helplessly, trying to fly away. Later on, they succeeded and now, finally free and unbound, they participate in my exhibitions, with the pack or individually.

All the birds have the same mechanical structure and way of communication; still every one of them has its different voice and manner of flying. The pitch of the voice bases on the feedback strategy. The pitch of tone and the tone quality varies as the beak with the microphone changes its location. The birds continually communicate with each other; transmit danger messages or information on spotted metallic objects that they feed on.

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Artist Dmitry Morozov, AKA ::vtol:: (Moscow, 1986) graduated from the Department of Art History at the Russian State University for the Humanities. Morozov's portfolio of original artwork features wildly fantastic, yet inherently tamed robotic mutations made with technological parts. Viewers might discern the artist's acute awareness of the current internet as a fetus for world-consuming AI, and these pieces foreshadow the physical incarnations of the digital to come. Morozov is also adept in the design and creation of modular synthesizers and experimental musical instruments. He has been featured in numerous auctions, events, and galleries, including: Parsons Paris, Paris (2016); Laboratoria Art & Science Space, Moscow (2014); “Cyberfest”, Berlin (2013).

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