Prototype III, 2016

White beads, acrylic glass, cotton, silk and synthetic thread.

14 x 42 х 30,5 cm.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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“Nature tells us, don’t imitate me by depicting myself. Create in the same way as myself” - Mikhail Matyushin, 1923

There are things inaccessible for retelling, and the works by Ustina Yakovleva belong exactly to this rare category. They are abstract, but intuitively recognisable. We understand the subject, but the words disappear as they are not needed. In this case, approaching the sense means finding comparable vectors in the past.

The tool set of Ustina Yakovleva - embroidery and painstaking drawing - refers to the traditional rituals, for example those of wedding textile embroidered by the bride-to-be. Iconography of those rituals is based on the cult of fertility, reproduction, repetition. Ornament on the fabric confines the tabooed zones - encounter with alive, unpredictable and frightening. Materials used by Ustina Yakovleva belong to the post-industrial era of mass reproduction, but their function doesn’t change: the accrescence of graphical elements and details disguises pure Eros, asocial temptation. The nature in fact is creating in the same fashion - in the landscape of temperate latitudes there is ongoing work of reproduction, decay and resurrection.

Forms created by the artist resemble corals, algae, molecules and embryos. Nevertheless, all these similarities are as if captured at the moment when they reflect in each other like in a distorted mirror, tease each other and hybridise.

The art of Ustina Yakovleva is Ariadna’s thread which offers the mind the exit from a labyrinth where the main enemy is not the destructive instinct of death embodied in ancient Greeks’ Minotaur, but an eternal life in a convenient configuration. Her works bring back the connection with the process, terrible and sublime at the same time, of the infinite division of cells and metamorphose of life.

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Ustina Yakovleva (Moscow, 1986) graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University (Graphics Faculty) and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow in the same year. The prodigal young artist uses household materials to evoke the beasts, growth, and cataclysms of nature. Other works feature physical allusions to the abstract arts; see her dozens of eyeballs on a living room floor, or the rolled up carpet making like a mollusk. Yakovleva was shortlisted for the art prize for young artists at STRABAG, Vienna (2014).


Selected solo shows:

2016 “Spine of Twilight Lady”, with Ilya Romanov, Kultproekt, Moscow, Russia

2012 “Inner Surface”, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2012 “Inversion”, AA collections / Knoll Gallery, Vienna, Austria


Selected group shows:

2016 “T!LT”, Paris, France

2015 “Urbi et Orbi”, Special project of 6 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, RSUH

2015 “Sculptures we don't see”, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow, Russia

2014 “Generation START”, parallel program of Manifesta 10, Kadetskiy korpus, St.Petersburg, Russia

2012 “Russian Renaissance”, Brot Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria

2010 II Moscow Biennale for Young Art: “Do not disturb” (NAUKA 254), “Intimate capital”, “Rare species” (ПROEKT_FAБRИKA), Moscow, Russia

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