Drop (sketch for the installation “Destined to Be Happy”), 2016

Felt pen on paper.

21 x 29,7 cm.

Signed on the verso.

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Preparatory drawings for the sculptures for the total installation Destined to be Happy. The title refers to the British documentary directed by Sergey Miroshnichenko. Following in the tradition of the original UK Up Series, this documentary, initiated in 1987, revisits a group from the now former Soviet Union and tracks their development against a backdrop of social and political change every seven years.

Building on her training as a set-designer and exploring multiple social discrepancies between intrinsic and extrinsic well-being, Korina has created six sculptural characters ranging from Love to Rainbow that are placed in the unconventional, even hostile, habitat. The macabre reality of Korina’s greyscale domain, punctuated with characters whose emotional relatability is laid bare for scrutiny. What were once symbols of comfort have been stripped of their warmth, forcing the participants to confront their own socio-political complacency.

Juxtaposing concepts of global and local, epic and colloquial, physical and virtual, Korina continues her anthropological research into the paradoxes of human behavior. Through her pseudo-monumental and deceitfully joyous installations Korina addresses urgent issues such as collective memory, cultural and social history and challenges our traditional perceptions of everyday routine.

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Desktop irina


Irina Korina (Moscow) has garnered international acclaim for her sculptures and room-sized installations. She was among the group of artists representing Russia in both the 53rd and 55th Venice Biennale in 2009 and 2013 respectively. The powerful theatrical quality taken from her original artwork comes from her training as a scenographer; the settings she creates force observers into a participatory role, casting them as component parts before setting them adrift without a clear direction. The ultimate effect is a dizzying pleasure - an absurd blending of familiar materiality with disorienting composition. Her works have been shown at Scaramouche Gallery, New York; Bloomberg Space, London; XL Gallery, Moscow.

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