Every Day an Artist , 2013

Graphite on paper.

21 x 14.8 cm each portrait.

Signed and dated on the recto.

These artworks are sold framed.


How to be part of the project? 

1) Maria draw her self-portrait every day for 365 days. Pick one of these portraits (maybe your date of birth!) You can view the entire selection by clicking here

2) Email us your choice to along with your portrait. You can be creative! Tip: Why not taking a new photograph of yourself that dialogues well with the artist self-portrait? 

3) Receive at home Maria Gimeno's original self-portrait and a framed piezography of the portrait of the person you chose to be part of the project. Both works will have a customised framed done by the artist.

Contact Collectionair for details about the artwork:

Each self-portrait that is acquired will be replaced by a portrait that the artist will make of the collector, turning the collector into an intrinsic part of the work. For this to be possible, the artist will draw a portrait of the collector, starting with a photograph of his face. Each portrait is done with a graphite pencil and in the same size as the artist's self-portrait. 

  • Ships in 10 to 20 business days.
  • We allow returns within 7 days of reception.
  • Shipping cost and taxes will be automatically calculated at checkout based on your location.
  • All artworks are sold unframed unless stated otherwise.
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María Gimeno's (Zamora, Spain, 1970) original artwork is almost always centered on the status of women in the 21st century. An exhibiting artist since her formative years, Gimeno uses her drawings, installations, sculptures, and performances as a communicative bridge to society, the stark impression of her art providing her a direct channel to the collective mind. Thunderous statements in her work are softened by a genuine curiosity; ultimately, Gimeno's efforts are a practice in understanding herself. Her works have been exhibited at Galeria Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid (2016); Cervantes Institute, Belgrade (2010); Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery, Berlin (2009).

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