2001: Space Odyssey (1968), 2016

Glicee print on archival paper.

31.7 x 70 cm.

SIgned and numbered on the verso.

Number 3 from an edition of 5.

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Jason Shulman is a London-based painter, photographer, and sculptor. The artist is best known for his series of single pictures that capture entire durations of films. He achieves this effect by using ultra-long exposure times. Each scene of his film subjects are overlaid atop each other creating blurred, impressionistic photographs telling of film directors' different approaches; for instance, it becomes clear that Hitchcock's films are more character-based than Kubrick's, which tend to deal with composition. Shulman's work can be found in various public and private collections, including the Howard Earl Rachofsky Collection and the David Roberts Art Foundation.

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