Topeng Monyet, 2014


90 x 60 cm

Edition of 30.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 

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Topeng Monyet is a project focused on Indonesian monkey theatre. It is a street performance, during which a trained monkey does acrobatics, like riding a motorbike, using a toy phone to make calls, imitating soldiers activities, i.e. saluting. The animals wear masks made from old dolls and behave like a human beings during the performances. Their audience consists mostly from children who laugh and touch them during a show. After 5 years monkeys are retired. They will be tied to a tree nearby a house of their handler. However, many monkeys will die before this age because of exhaustion. A positive breakthrough happened in January 2014 when big Indonesian cities (e.g. Jakarta and Bandung) banned this kind of entertainment. It has been imposed after protests of animal rights organizations. The photographs show monkeys with stage masks on. The pictures were taken in Surabaya, where the ban does not apply yet

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Born in: Europe

Artur Gutowski (Elk, Poland, 1990) is a traveling photographer whose area of focus is man and his position in the modern world. After studying photography at the Film School in Łódź and Institute of Reportage in Warsaw, Gutowski set off to take pictures of human life in Asia, Africa, and North America. His photographs have been shown at BWA Art Gallery, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland (2015); The Dialogue Center. Mark Edelman, Łódź, Poland (2015); National Art Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2014).

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