Shaped Collage, 2014


26 x 20 cm

Edition of 15.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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RIta Almeida Freitas - COO

"In 2015, the Guardian recognized Lethbridge as one of the “25 rising stars of British photography”. "

The Meteorite Hunter is an archive of a search for meteorites and the places they come from. Following the journey of a fictitious hunter, The Meteorite Hunter documents the artefacts found, both overlooked and celebrated through the process, presenting them equally and without disparity. Sometimes the quest to experience something unique or unusual, overshadows the familiar and recognisable. The series focuses on finding the extraordinary in everyday life, using the meteorite as a metaphor for the fantastic hidden in the mundane. The work is presented as a collection of artefacts, where only one of the objects’ is an actual meteorite. By combining factual and fictional works, it encourages engagement and participation in the search for the meteorite. Playing on the ambiguity of the imagery makes us reconsider everyday objects, effectively trying to create circumstances where the familiar appears unfamiliar.

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Born in: Asia

Alexandra Lethbridge (Hong Kong, 1987), UK-based photographer, creates original pictures from archival images and found photographs. The young artist demonstrates a clear talent for storytelling, weaving her narratives by fusing fictional constructions with scientific theory. Lethbridge graduated from the University of Brighton with a Masters in Photography. She was selected as winner for Flash Forward Magenta Foundation (2017), Format Festival Affinity Award (2017), and the Denton’s Art Prize, 2016.


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Square preview alexandra lethbridge   standard eye movements  from the series other ways of knowing 2016
Square preview alexandra lethbridge   string   angle
Square preview alexandra lethbridge   illusion   angle
Square preview alexandra lethbridge   vanishing coin   angle