Untitled (dossiers d'archive) , n.d.

Colour pencil and cut out on paper.

81 x 87 cm.

This artwork is sold framed.

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Born in: Europe

José Johann Seinen (Netherlands, 1934 - 2013) was an outsider artist whose body of work forms his own personal mythology; an intertwining of the world's history with science fiction, doused in escapism. Seinen spent much of his life in Colombia as a shut-in, producing art manically without leaving the house for days on end. Thousands of his pictures were discovered upon his death: precise drawings, often carefully cutout, of Mesopotamian gods, unearthed Roman and Greek pottery, ancient architecture being watched over by extra terrestrials, and more. His enigmatic original artwork, showing the near-perfection with which the artist crafted, has been exhibited posthumously at the Christian Berst Art Brut Gallery (2016); Maison des Arts de Malakoff (2016); Dox Centre for Contemporary Art (2015).

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