Cells And Incantations, 2009

Acrylic on linen.

100 x 100 cm.

Signed and dated on recto.          

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In Cells And Incantation, the mother of the Ayahuasca is represented in the shape of a shaman shipibo woman, isolated in the rainforest. She is the creator of the liana ayahuasca and of the shamanic chants Bewa. Vector of Power and privilege link between the shaman and his auxiliaries. One hears the chants of the latter, and reproduces them during shamanics session. The visual experience induces the hallucinations and transforms them into an acoustic code. Chants can be heard in a visual way and visions can be seen acoustically…


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Born in: Peru

Filder Agustín Peña is an artist, shaman, and healer from the Shipibo tribe in Perú. Peña's abstract art reflects the core facets of an ancient cultural universe. His works are evocative of the shamanic parallel dimensions the artist is familiar with, featuring recurring characters painted with deeply expressive, sometimes phosphorescent colors. These characters, based on ancient shamanic fables, are given uncommon substance in Peña's paintings. The pictures he presents are striking visual representation of the astral journeys undertaken during shamanic sessions.

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