Spanish National Anthems, 2014

Paper, mounted 

47 x 101 x 3 cm.

Edition of 5.

Signed on the mount.

Contact Collectionair for details about the artwork:

“I piled up all the Anthems in the Spanish language from all over the world. The reason why there are so many Anthems in Spanish is colonialism. The population affected by it, got reduced by up to a third and was either destroyed completely or lost part of their language and culture. Though the lyrics of the Bolivian Anthem say: ‘This land is free, free at last. Its servile state has now finally ceased ... To die before we would live as slaves!’, the words are still in Spanish, the language of the occupier.”

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Born in: Japan

Tomoyuki Ueno (Kobe, Japan, 1982) is a Berlin-based artist seeking to expand the boundaries of spatial art. The most cosmic of his original works feature a combination of laser pointers, metals, and mirrors, though Ueno incorporates a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials ranging from paper, steel, and living animals. His sculptures and installations have been exhibited at numerous international galleries and auctions, including: hpgrp Gallery, New York; Galerie Martin Mertens, Berlin; Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin.

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