SW COOL, CLEARI NG 18 -19/9/2 014, 2014

Wind drawing with pigment ink on paper.

76 x 70 cm.

Signed on the recto.

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Alix Janta-Polczynski - In-house Curator

"In 2015, the Australia Council for the Arts awarded Robbins a prestigious two-year Visual Arts fellowship. "

“My drawing practice has led me to focus on forms generated by natural energy, including the exploration of vortices, magnetic anomalies in the landscape, tidal movements, rock formations, and astronomical observations. This research into the elemental has also been combined with a musical career on clarinet and saxophone. The music I play is always swinging between traditional jazz idioms and abstract. While many of my works seem ephemeral, in contrast I must employ some serious engineering and materials to withstand the forces of, say, weather or ocean waves and tides. Many structural pieces are cast in bronze, while machine components are often in stainless steel and brass. I’ve been working with the weather for 30 years. I’ve never been really trying to provide a didactic sort of environmental message, but the subject is more poignant now because people are taking notice of climate. For me, when a work is successful – it’s a bit like when you see snow on the mountain; it looks perfect. You can’t often say that’s a terrible snowfall. A good drawing, for me, starts looking like that. 

If I’m using the wind, then it’s weather system timing, because at a certain point, it will start overwriting. It’s just too much information. If we look at the machine as an instrument, then it changes the way you think about it. That’s why I often refer to them as instruments, because it is very much like a clarinet or a piano. You have to practice. You have to get better chops. It’s all about timing - and what you leave out.”

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Born in: Australia

Cameron Robbins (Melbourne, 1963) is propelled by the same sense of momentum belonging to his kinetic sculptures. These pieces vibrate in their stillness, seeming subject to spontaneous flight. A similar tension is instilled in his drawings; pictures of cosmic energies minimized into singular swoops. Robbins has held solo exhibitions at Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney (2011); Stockroom, Kyneton (2011); Place Gallery, Melbourne (2010).

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