The Erratics (exposure 3), 2015

Fiber-based print.

60 x 48 cm.

Edition 2 of 6.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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The Erratics uses photography as a derived or generative process in its relationship to sculpture, combining the two and three dimensional through natural and created forms and surfaces. 

The Erratics is comprised of three components: (exposures) are images of the monolithic chalk formations found occurring in Egypt’s White Desert, approached clearly through photography as part empathetic gesture, part abstracting extraction; both (wrest) - studio still-life photographs and (chalkfall in white) - a sculptural installation, use chalk collected from the rock falls along England's South Coast.  The chalk is carved with razor blades to form smooth planes and geometric shapes, working with and against the rock's natural forms. 

The Erratics draws heavily on Wilhelm Worringer's 1906 essay Abstraction and Empathy both as a background for the work and as a means to consider the nature of the photographic medium, especially in its relationship to what might constitute abstraction.

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Born in: United Kingdom

Darren Harvey-Regan (1974, Exeter, United Kingdom) is a London-based artist who uses photography to expose the medium's relationship to language and sculpture. The theme of transition runs through his pictures, with his photo montages showcasing a blend of certain forms of representation with others. Sculpture is prevalent in his work, with stone being a focal point in his acclaimed series "The Erratics". Harvey-Regan is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, and his solo exhibitions have been shown at Passaggi - Arte Contemporanea, Pisa, IT (2015); Cooperfield, London (2015-2016); The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam (2013).

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