Blind Light 13, 2015


40 x 30 cm.


Framed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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The Blind Light series of unique photograms reference the quality of light in the Icelandic landscape. To arrive at a final image, the process of erasing is as important as the addition of paint. Mellor applies oil paint and solvents to a piece of glass and uses rhythmic and repetitive mark making in a process that invites chance. The paint is exposed to light multiple times, the shadows of which are fixed onto light sensitive paper. This is then erased and reused in a different format for the next piece, thus making each work individual.

The confident gestures show a sensitivity to the moment however the multiple exposures create a temporal layering, attempting to challenge the fixity of the marks, thus creating a visual uncertainty or instability. It is this restlessness of the paint and the shifting quality of the gestures that Mellor is interested in. The paint dances between absence and presence, which she sees as reminiscent of the changing climatic conditions in a landscape and the energy found in the city.

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Born in: United Kingdom

Zanny Mellor (UK, 1986) is a London-based artist who completed her Masters in Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School (2015). Her Paintings and alternative photography parse through themes of sensory exploration. Through her research, Mellor attempts to clarify blurred geological and urban concepts as they are perceived by the collective mind. Utilizing light, time, and space, Mellor narrates epic personal timeframes, her voice providing cosmic guidance to viewers. She has been shown in such galleries as Imperial College London and University College London.

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