Pàn #4, 2015

Graphite and collage on paper.

35,5 x 28 cm.

Signed on the verso.

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Through the collecting of fragments and collage, this ensemble of drawings by Mathilde Roussel puts in relation with each other, the various realms of forms. Humans, plants, animals and minerals are combined through symbiotic connections and ultimately conceived like living organisms. During her creation process, Roussel progressively gives up control over the materials she uses by letting them find their own form of existence. She selects mediums that are both fragile and resistant: paper pulp, graphite powder, incised rubber or plants. This choice allows her to explore unstable forms and observe their continuous mutation.

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Born in: France

Mathilde Roussel is a Paris-based artist whose practice reflects the complexities of an aging body, such as mutation, hardening, scarring. For such representations, Roussel's small and large scale sculptures invariably take on a vulnerable air, their delicate beauty seemingly at risk of vanishing after being slightly touched. A deeper layer of her subtext is rich in anti-utopian commentary, with a deafening suggestion that the human being is too frail to imagine perfection. Her original artwork has been shown in such galleries as Magda Danysz, Shanghai (2016) and Haut Pavé, Paris (2016).

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