Untitled (Woman 1), 2006

Linocut on paper. 

270 x 200 cm. 

Edition 2 of 20.

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This artwork is located in United Kingdom.

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Seriously impressive at nearly 3 metres tall this linocut shows the artists ability to think more along the lines of stage design, than traditional art. Yet in a nice juxtaposition, Ruckhaberle has kept to a simple traditional drawing palette of black and white. 

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Christoph Ruckhaberie (Pfaffenhofen, Germany, 1972) is a Leipzig-based artist and integral member of the New Leipzig School - a class of artists who attended the Leipzig Art Academy in the 1990s. His large-scale paintings sort through treasure troves of art history in order to reach novel, contemporary outcomes. Ranging from realistic to absurd, his bloated, overblown characters reflect Modern society from numerous angles. Ruckhaberie's work has been exhibited in galleries around the world, including Sutton Lane in London.

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