Untitled, 2005


29.7 x 21 cm.

Signed and dated. 

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John Bock takes his well-known ability to create interesting 3-dimensional large scale sculptures and collages, and turns it to a smaller canvas here. Using an architectural printed plan and a magazine cutting of a 21st Century 'type' of woman, we are presented with an interesting aesthetical 3-d puzzle. 

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John Bock (Germany, 1965) is a Berlin-based artist known primarily for his performance art, though he has also received recognition for his sculptures, collages, and video art. He famously performs lectures parodying academia, enacted in settings crafted from inexpensive, often found items. Audience participation is central to Bock's exhibitions; it's clear that he means to leave a certain impression rather than "teach". Through his use of several languages combined with gibberish, his art comments on the blurred state of communication between artist and audience. Bock’s early solo performances were held in 1992 at HfBK. He gained international acclaim when he was featured at the 1998 Berlin Biennial.

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