Shelves (iv), 2008

Backing card.

30 x 21 x 6.3 cm.

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This series originates from notebooks and their cardboard backings, all taken from Hughes' used writing pads. The artist says "It’s important that the works have a connection to my hand, I don’t feel comfortable with things bigger than my hand. In Shelf And Boxes the objects just sit on top of each other, they’re not glued down. There is an element of order, but they’re slightly out of line; this makes it seem more natural, like it should just be there".

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Desktop dean hughes


Dean Hughes (Salford, England, 1974) is a multimedia artist who produces his drawings and sculptures using overlooked everyday objects. Interested in objects with no clear link to art rather than traditional forms like canvas or bronze, samples from Hughes' portfolio feature urban puddles, bus tickets, and cardboard backings from used writing pads. Much of his artwork speaks directly to the viewer’s habits, being centralized on items used day in and out. Hughes' solo work has been exhibited at such galleries as Dicksmith, London (2008); Jack Hanley, San Francisco (2001, 2003); Laure Genillard, London (1996, 2000).

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