Facination No. 8 from Facination, 2014

Oil on canvas, overpainted on a work from 1870.

48 x 38 cm.

This artwork is part of Sebastian Bieniek: Paintings, an exhibition curated by Olivier Varenne.

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Sebastian Bieniek was born in Czarnowanz, Poland in 1975. He emigrated to Germany in 1989 and now lives and works in Berlin. He studied at Art University Braunschweig and then at the University of Art, Berlin. At the age of 18 he became the youngest member of the union of German artists, BBK. Bieniek practiced art until 2002 when he took an 8 year break to explore film. He then began to paint, and since 2013 he has introduced photography into his work. Bieniek uses a large variety of media, from heavily conceptual performance where he, for example, lay in 500kg of minced meat for 3 days, to photographs such as the Double Faced photo series which took the internet by storm in 2013. Bieniek’s work has most recently been exhibited in Testament im Handschuhfach, Museum Lytke (Leipzig) and Years, Problems, Donors And Kisses, Yoshi’s Contemporary Art Gallery (Vienna) both in 2015. He also has various upcoming solo shows this year, including at the ponyhof art club in Munich, Germany in March.

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