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This artist is participating in ART BARTER.


How does it work? 


1) The identity of the artist is not revealed before the end of the show. Each artwork is presented with only a number next to it, no name, price tag or title will appear.


2) The public is freely invited to make offers on the artworks, offering anything except for money.


3) The offers that the public makes become a growing part of the exhibition as they appear on the "About the Artwork" board. Get inspired by taking a look at the current offers!


4) All the offers will be passed onwards to the artists, who will then decide which service or good he wants to exchange his work against (if any).


5) The winning bids will be announced on Collectionair, and by email.


6) Collectionair and Art Barter will connect the artist with the successful bidder so that the exchange can take place.

Past exhibitions
  • Ended on: 15t April 2016


    Offer anything for these artworks.. EXCEPT FOR MONEY!

    About the exhibition

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Untitled, 2017
48 x 34 cm
#work on paper