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Bea Bonafini approaches her work as a mise-en-scène of objects fluidly passing between mediums and references. Testing the notion of comfort, her installations operate on the boundary between functionality and the aesthetic, seductively suggesting intimacy and reflection through the production of colourful and sensuous objects and environments. Images and material are extracted from a painterly genre that absolutely embraces décor, while stretching familiar forms to make welcoming spaces suddenly feel uneasy, as if one is being consumed by rich decorative surfaces and layers of history. 

Slipping between infusions of domestic and sacred, antiquity and playfulness, softness and conflict, the materiality jumbles a fragmented Art History into an interior language of dysfunctional calm and familiarity. Comfort that slips into discomfort. A subtle eroticism andigestion of textures, pattern, design and style. A dense scenery of fragments, pointillist shapes, slotting forms and materials.

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Warp and Wool, 2017
30 x 21 cm