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Eugène Leroy (Tourcoing, France, 1910 - 2000) was an influential painter whose work has been exhibited regularly in international galleries since the 1940s. Leroy's paintings carve their own niche despite the artist's deep influence by masters such as Rembrandt, Giorgione, and Vincent Van Gogh. The late artist's work parses through radiant, dark dialectics, and his process memorialized the classic heritage of painting. Although the female nude recurs in his work, Leroy's images deal more with the dissolution and memorialization of flesh and form rather than flesh or form on its own. He died in 2000 at age 89.



Leroy’s works have been exhibited at "The Michael Werner Collection", Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, Paris (2012-13); "Works on Paper", Galerie Bruno Mory, Besanceuil (2010); Galerie Haas, Zurich (2007).


Leroy studied at the School of Fine Arts in Lille.

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Sans titre (personnages), before 1976
163 x 96 cm
#Art Brut