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Emissary of the Infinite

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Myung-Ok Han (South Korea, 1958) is a Paris-based artist whose lush, intricate line sculptures in various iterations of seemingly endless pieces of yarn have earned the artist features at a number of international galleries. Han's art serves to demonstrate how the plain, commonplace materials of our daily life can be transmuted, through repetitive gesture, into energetic works contemplating space, time, and infinity. The paradoxical effect of her art is due in part to the blurred contrast between its palpable modernity and firm allusion to tradition, especially the Korean ceremony of grandly celebrating a child's first birthday with objects representing long life and wealth presented before the child.

“"When I set to work, I think of nothing, I can see nothing, I have an acute perception of movement, noises and even silences. While observing everything, I gradually let myself go."” - HAN MYUNG-OK


Han's work has been shown at the Ungno Lee Art museum, Daejeon, South Korea; Seoul Art Center, Seoul, South Korea; Galerie Guy Bartschi, Paris (2005).


1990: Graduated from Ecole Nationale d’Art de Dijon, France

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Pavé fil collés, 2012
21 x 39 cm
#Art Brut