Painting, Sculpture, Photograph, Installation, and Video

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Olivia Hernaïz exposes her network of ideas using found structures and materials collected compulsively. These include derelict houses, political logos, and abstract tools she comes across, such as the ideas of passers-by. Her fixation with the unusual leaves her work with no central point or hierarchy; she is the collector and curator of her own museum. Hernaïz' original artwork has been featured in numerous galleries and auctions, including Collecting Stones at Collectionair.

““I am interested in the prevalence of the myths on which our modern societies are built. We spend our time telling stories, talking about things that do not exist like gods, laws, justice, money, human rights and democracy. My proposals question the effectiveness and the legitimacy of these imaginary fictions that humans have created in order to be able to live together.” ” - OLIVIA HERNAÏZ

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